1. Say "Yes"

All spiritual growth starts with this simple word. It's saying, "YES...I believe there is a God, I believe Jesus died for me, I am a sinner, I need grace." Your faith-filled "Yes" ignites a supernatural transformation of your life where God molds you into a new creation (2 Corinthians 5:17).

Have you said "Yes?"

2. Splash

Water Baptism stands as a critical step of discipleship. It's when your private "Yes" becomes a public and visible "Yes." Splashing down into the baptismal water signifies your old life is buried. Coming up out of the water signifies your new, resurrected life in Jesus. (Colossians 2:12)

Would you like to be water baptized?

3. Small Groups

Small Groups mark the center of our spiritual growth strategy. These groups facilitate prayer, Bible study, accountability friendships, and pastoral care. Nowhere does spiritual growth happen faster than in a small group with other fervent believers. We believe relationships are key.

Would you like to get connected in a small group?

4. Sweet Spot

God created everyone with a "sweet spot," a service-oriented area hardwired in you for maximum joy and effectiveness. You'll discover your God-given sweet spot wherever your spiritual gifts, experiences, and passion intersect.

Would you like to start operating in your sweet spot?

5. Shared Mission

We can do infinitely more together than we ever can do alone. Along your faith journey, God sends partners your way; people willing to join arms with you to share finances, time, and sweet spots. The result is a shared mission with big results. Spiritual growth requires leaving the anonymity of a church chair and partnering with other believers.

Are you ready to partner with other believers in shared mission?